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Taylor Swift shared the love in London with her band on Sunday, pointing out that they perform for more than three hours during her blockbuster shows — praise that comes after Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl insinuated her show isn’t live.

Swift addressed the crowd on her third night at Wembley Stadium following a standing ovation. She called it an unforgettable moment not just for her but for “every one of my band members, every single one of our crew,” according to video posted online.

“My band who’s gonna be playing live for you for three and a half hours tonight, they deserve this so much,” she said. “And so does every one of my fellow performers. And you just gave that to us so generously, we will never forget it.”

Over the course of more than 100 shows of “The Eras Tour,” Swift’s fans have offered her a standing ovation every night at the same time: at the end of her performance of “Champagne Problems.” And while she always thanks her band during the show, she doesn’t always mention them after the ovation.

Some speculated online that the “Love Story” singer pointedly shared the praise following a comment from Grohl the night prior, insinuating that her show isn’t played live. The Foo Fighters were also performing in London when he told the crowd “you don’t want to suffer the wrath of Taylor Swift.”

He then said the band has had a “few eras,” but they dub their show the “Errors Tour.”

“That’s because we actually play live,” Grohl said. “What? Just saying. You guys like raw, live rock ‘n’ roll music, right? You came to the right f—— place.”

Ironically, Swift’s fans have been jokingly calling her tour “The Errors Tour” for the exact same reason. People have pointed out several mistakes since she opened the tour last year, such as the time Swift’s boot broke on stage or when her piano broke due to playing in the rain the night before at Gillette Stadium.

And during Sunday’s show, audience members reported that Swift accidentally swallowed a bug during her performance of the 10-minute version of “All Too Well.”

“I swallowed a bug, can you sing?” Swift said to fans as she coughed, according to video posted online.

Grohl’s comments are a departure from his previous praise of Swift, once telling former late night host James Corden that the pop star saved him from embarrassment at a Paul McCartney party. He said that the partygoers asked him to perform a song, but he didn’t know how to play piano and he was “a little out of sorts at that point.”

“I’m like, ‘Oh my god, what do I do? What do I do?'” Grohl said during the 2018 interview. “And right at that moment Taylor Swift stands up and goes, ‘I’ll do a song’… she saved my ass.”

The song Swift offered to play was “Best of You” by the Foo Fighters. Grohl complimented her rendition, calling it “so beautiful” and said he got up and sang it with her.

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#Taylor #Swift #praises #band #Foo #Fighters #Dave #Grohl #suggests #doesnt #play #live #music

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