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Justin Timberlake was reportedly sober when he was filmed performing in Las Vegas with bloodshot eyes weeks before his DWI arrest.

Despite fans assuming the “Mirrors” crooners was under the influence during his Forget Tomorrow World Tour at the T-Mobile Arena last month, sources told TMZ Monday that he was not.

According to the insider, Timberlake’s red and wide-eyed appearance was too overly analyzed by critics looking to poke fun at him as he’s always completely sober for every show.

Justin Timberlake was sober when he performed with bloodshot eyes in Las Vegas last month despite fan speculation. TikTok @sunshineandmotherhood
A source was forced to speak out when fans pointed out the singer’s bloodshot eyes. TikTok @sunshineandmotherhood

The source explained that the former *NYSNC member, 43, must stay clean while performing because there is too much at risk.

Insiders rushed to Timberlake’s defense after the pop star was slammed when a video showed him with bloodshot eyes while performing in Sin City.

Responding to the clip of the father of two, one person commented, “he doesn’t look okay……..”

Per the source, the singer’s wide-eyed appearance was too overly analyzed by critics. TikTok /sunshineandmotherhood
The insider explained that Timberlake is always sober while performing. Getty Images for Live Nation

“Those eyes though… dude is either not slept in a week or is going for round 2,” another wrote.

Other fans made fun of Timberlake as they commented his behavior would “ruin the tour,” mocking what he told the Gen Z cop who didn’t recognize him during his June 18 arrest in Sag Harbor, N.Y.

At the time of the SexyBack singer’s arrest, a source told us, “Justin said under his breath, ‘This is going to ruin the tour.’ The cop replied, ‘What tour?’ Justin said, ‘The world tour.’”

The clip was scrutinized following the father of two’s DWI arrest on June 18. Sag Harbor Police Department via Getty Images
Timberlake was pulled over after allegedly running a stop light when he left The American Hotel in Sag Harbor. Gregory P. Mango

Timberlake was pulled over after allegedly blowing through a stop sign and swerving through lanes following a night out at The American Hotel.

The 10-time Grammy winner participated in a field sobriety test but refused a breathalyzer test, per the criminal complaint.

It was noted that his eyes were bloodshot, which was noted in his mugshot, and he was slow in speech.

Per the complaint, he failed a field sobriety test. Getty Images for Justin Timberlake
Timberlake was back on stage in Chicago on Friday. ABC via Getty Images

Despite worrying his arrest would end his world tour, Timberlake was back on stage to perform in Chicago at the United Center on Friday.

Addressing the crowd he said, “It’s been a tough week.”

“I know I’m hard to love sometimes but you keep loving me right back,” the pop star continued.

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#Video #Justin #Timberlake #bloodshot #eyes #concert #DWI #arrest #explained

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