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The IDF on Thursday started a reinvasion of Shejaia in northern Gaza, after finishing taking operational control there in January.

The Jerusalem Post received contrary indications from IDF and defense sources about whether this latest operation is more like “Jabalia 2.0,” when the IDF reinvaded that northern Gaza area for a short, but significant period of weeks, or more like “Nuseirat 2.0,” when the IDF reinvaded that central Gaza area as a diversion to set up the right conditions for a hostage rescue operation.

So far all three IDF rescue operations during the war were above ground, and while most of the remaining hostages are believed to be held below ground, it is known that some are still above ground.

‘You must evacuate’

There are no reliable reports yet about the movement of ground forces, but the IDF Arabic spokesman, Lt. Col. Avichay Adraee, addressed the residents of Shejaia, saying, “To all residents and civilians in the Shejaia area and the new neighborhoods, for your safety, you must evacuate immediately southwards towards Salah ad-Din Street to the humanitarian zone.”

Avichay Adraee: Israel’s face to the Arab world (credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON’S UNIT)

At press time, most of the invasion had consisted of a mix of air strikes and movements by tanks and artillery.

Sources in Shejaia told the Palestinian press that “the advancement of the vehicles in the neighborhood was sudden, the army surrounded a residential building in the neighborhood. In the background there was intense shooting and bombings from aircraft and artillery,” Ynet reported.

According to additional reports, IDF vehicles are advancing from several directions, including from Baghdad Street, Al-Shaf Street, and the Jabal Al-Rais area.

Sdot Negev Regional Council residents who live parallel to Shejaia from the Israeli side of the border, heard explosions and loud noises in the area.

In the North, the air force attacked and killed a Hezbollah terrorist who was engaged in launching unmanned aerial vehicles into Israel, the IDF said on Thursday.

Additionally, fighter jets attacked Hezbollah military buildings in the Houla and Aitaroun areas. At the same time, IDF troops fired artillery in the areas of Hamoul and Naqoura.

Earlier in the day, two Hezbollah drones landed and exploded in the area of Rosh Hanikra, but no casualties were reported.

Also, at press time, there were reports of heavy rocket fire from Lebanon on the Galilee, but the IDF had not yet responded to the reports.

At a ceremony for air force graduates, Air Force Chief Maj. Gen. Tomer Bar said that Israel’s best response to Hezbollah’s drone threat was greater offense.

#Gazans #flee #Shejaia #due #IDF #surprise #attack,
#Gazans #flee #Shejaia #due #IDF #surprise #attack

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