Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

IATSE and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers said Thursday that they have reached a a tentative agreement on all issues for the Area Standards Agreement, the companion contract to the Basic Agreement that got its own tentative deal Tuesday night.

The latest agreement between the union and reps for the studios and streamers means that pending ratification, there will be no IATSE strike coming this summer.

“Members and signatories will have the opportunity to review the agreement in the form of a detailed summary in the days to come, followed by a Memorandum of Agreement (M.O.A.) at a later date,” the two sides said in a joint statement today.

The news comes after Tuesday night the two sides reached a deal on the Basic Agreement more than a month ahead of the expiration of that contract, whic covers the around 50,000 members of the mainly Los Angeles-based 13 West Coast Locals.

The tentative Area Standards Agreement deal came after two days of talks. The pact reps IATSE’s 23 Locals across the nation and their 20,000 members.

Remaining for a clean sweep of Hollywood labor deals is the AMPTP‘s contract talks with the Teamsters. Those negotiations are expected to ramp up again ahead of the current contract’s July 31 expiration date. It’s unclear how much progress those negotiations have made, but both IATSE and the Teamsters previously signaled they were uninterested in extending their contracts past this date to accommodate further talks.

#IATSE #Studios #Reach #Area #Standards #Agreement #Deal,
#IATSE #Studios #Reach #Area #Standards #Agreement #Deal

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