Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out 2 has reached $863.1M worldwide through Thursday, overtaking the original film’s lifetime of $859M global. The sequel got there in just 16 days of release and already is the No. 19 animated film ever worldwide.

Earlier this week, Inside Out 2 cracked the all-time domestic animated Top 10 and is now No. 9 on that chart with $411.8M, surpassing 2013’s Frozen. The international box office total through Thursday is $451.3M after adding $16.6M in 45 offshore markets Thursday.

What’s extra impressive about Inside Out 2 exceeding the 2015 original film’s full global run in such a short window is that the first movie’s total includes Russia, where Hollywood titles have not been releasing since early 2022. Inside Out the first also has Japan in its cume, whereas that market doesn’t get the sequel until August 1.

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At this rate, IO2 will shoot past $900M worldwide once Friday’s numbers are tallied. There is a path for the blockbuster to cross the $1B mark with Sunday’s figures included, which would make it the fastest animated movie ever to the milestone.

In new overseas markets, Thursday added New Zealand, where IO2 opened at No. 1 and posted the third-biggest animated launch day of all time, the best-ever for Pixar and the top animated debut day ever outside of holidays. A strong weekend is expected.

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The Top 10 overseas markets through Thursday are: Mexico ($71.1M), UK ($32.9M), Korea ($32.2M), Brazil ($28M), Italy ($26.3M), Germany ($20.1M), Spain ($20M), Argentina ($17M), France ($17M) and China ($15.2M).

More updates to follow through the weekend.

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#Tops #Original #Films #Full #Run #863M #Global #Box #Office

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